TV Affiliate Chart

1Brian Lee555520
2Denise Kelly555520
3Linda Bruno555520
4Eric Gordon555520
5Jamie Hill555520
6Jack Dennis555520
7Pete Gustin555520
8Maureen Rivers555520
9Bob Hurley555520
10Kay Bess555520
11Austin Keyes555520
12Beau Weaver555520
13Jeff Collins555520
14Ben Blankenship555520
15Jude Corbett555520
16Billy Hammond555520
17John Hunerlach555520
18Randy Thomas555520
19Chuck Matthews555520
20Scott Chapin555520
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Radio Imaging Chart

1Brian Lee555520
2Ann Dewig555520
3Garfield Maitland555520
4Ed Bishop555520
5Dave Bethell555520
6Jeff Augustine555520
7Denise Kelly555520
8Brian Peck555520
9Jen Sweeney555520
10Christian Rosselli555520
11Melanie Taylor555520
12Scott Matthews555520
13Kevan Rabat555520
14Jude Corbett555520
15Randy Thomas555520
16Rob Naughton555520
17Steve Kamer555520
18Beau Weaver555520
19Jim Cutler555520
20Ashley Cavalier555520

5 = super fast turnaround
1 = very slow turnaround

5 = service with a smile
1 = not so easy to work with

5 = inexpensive
1 =  expensive

5 = sounds very different from everyone else
1 = sounds like everyone else

Total – 20 = perfect

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