TV Affiliate Chart

1Brian Lee555520
2Denise Kelly555520
3Pete Gustin555520
4Linda Bruno555520
5Dan Nachtrab555520
6Randy Thomas555520
7Jack Dennis555520
8Bruce Barker555520
9Dan Hurst555520
10Paul Turner555520
11Mark Maurer555520
12Jeff McNeal555520
13Ben Blankenship555520
14John Hunerlach555520
15Bob Hurley555520
16John Beach555520
17Beng Spies555520
18Mike Brang555520
19Zac Fine455519
20Chuck Matthews555419

Radio Imaging Chart

1Brian Lee555520
2Scott Matthews555520
3Ann Dewig555520
4Linda Bruno555520
5Dr. Dave555520
6Jeff Augustine555520
7Brian Christopher555520
8Janet Ault555520
9Garfield Maitland555520
10Jen Sweeney555520
11Rick Party555520
12Mike Bratton555520
13Randy Thomas555520
14Melanie Taylor555520
15Kevan Rabat555520
16Chad Erickson555520
17Trish Basanyi555520
18Jude Corbett545519
19Pete Gustin554519
20Josh Goodman545519

Speed – 5 = fastest Service – 5 = best
Rate – 5 = lowest
Uniqueness (How unique this talent sounds in their market) – 5 = more unique
Total – 20 = perfect

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