Get on the Front Page

Want to be on the front page of this site and in the face of THOUSANDS of Radio and TV decision makers?  

How can help grow your Voice Over business?  Radio and TV programmers have a short list of Voice Talent at the ready.  When it’s time to hire new talent, they come here.  We help you get on that short list and land the job by branding your name into their heads.

Voice Island is a turnkey, auto pilot marketing solution for Voice people.

The Truth

You will not be signed to 100 stations overnight.   Our process is slow, but it works.  Yes, we have stories to tell of talent who have signed six figure major market jobs after being on the site for a few months, but as you know, that is rare.  Most of the talent on have been here since the very beginning in 2006 and have grown their business substantially.  Because it works.  But, it’s a long process.

We’d like to help you steadily build your client list.  When you book your first retainer client, the service pays for itself.  We’ll put you in front of almost 1500 decision makers every month.   Let us help you grow beginning today.

Why we’re Different

We have the largest industry email subscriber base that exists.  We email ALL Radio formats.  We email both local affiliates and major TV networks including FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, WB, UPN and many more.   Decision makers get the email (Radio Station Program Directors, Assistant Program Directors, General Managers, Regional VP’s, Consultants, Brand Managers and TV Promotions Directors and Programming people).  No receptionists, no part-timers.

We limit our ads.  We want you to succeed and grow…not get lost in the crowd.

We are the only website that TV and Radio people visit exclusively for voice talent. There are some other very good radio sites out there, but our focus is 100% voice people, 100% YOU.

Your ad will never rotate with other ads.  You’ll always be on the home page of our site.  When Radio and TV people visit, they don’t have to click all over the place to find your banner.  Your name is in their face and the center of attention.  FYI – Banners are not in the email, they are hosted on the front page of

How it Works

We send an email to Radio and TV on the 1st of every month with some quick info and a link back to and your banner.  Decide what size banner you’d like below.  These banners auto-renew monthly. Cancel at anytime. No commitment.  Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email.  Please be patient, these are not automated, you will receive a personal email usually within a few hours.

Choose your banner size below and sign up now!  (No banner?  We’d be happy to create a static banner for you for free!)


We’ve compiled a list of Q&A’s from phone calls and emails we’ve received over the years.

Do you receive any compensation from the jobs I receive?

None.  We are not an agency, clients will contact you directly.  Often we are asked to refer voice people to clients and we’ll give them your contact information but receive no compensation for the referral.

What does the average retainer job pay?

Depends on market size and whether it’s a radio or TV client.  TV generally pays more.

Can I be in the actual email?

Yes.  voice at Voice Island dot com.

How soon can I expect to get a client from your service?

We wish there was a concrete answer to this one.  Some people get a job the first month they’re on with us… most don’t.  Our service works because we constantly connect with Radio and TV, helping you build your name and brand, so when they are ready to make a change they think of you.  And if they pick you, the ride is very long.

What’s the difference between the chart and the banner ads?

The chart is compiled via a survey we send to Radio and TV asking them to rank their talent on a set of criteria (see charts).  You cannot buy a position on the chart.  Only banner ads can be purchased.  Because of their size, banners actually receive more clicks than the names on the chart.

Why don’t you offer discounts?

We believe our banner prices are fair and and we’re generally sold out.

If you have any questions not addressed on this page, please shoot us an email voice at Voice Island dot com.

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