Heather E. L. Farrar, Quilsongs Media & Publishing, LLC "Because Behind Every Voice... There's a Story!"

Whether you want a unique everyday voice, the girl next door, smooth and gracious or the voice of reason:
Heather E. L. Farrar
"Because Behind Every Voice... There's a Story!
Eclectic, Intrinsic, Nostalgic, and Endearing.
What others have said:
"Quick, responsive, and she got just the tone I was looking for in a dramatic reading. Recommended!" Soren Narnia
"Thanks for being so prompt and so agreeable. Good Job!" Jeremy Townsend, Publishing Works
"You did a wonderful job!" Jean Wise
"Regarding your voice...it is smooth and gracious sounding..." & "I enjoyed listening to you thank you... You'd be the narrator I'd choose to hear in my

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